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Tobacco Road Custom Homebuilders isn’t about transactions.  Instead, we aim to create a truly unique experience rooted in a partnership with our homeowners.  One that fosters trust and collaboration throughout the creation of their dream home.

Our team of professionals has more than 40 years’ collective experience in the construction industry and contributing to award-winning projects all over the Southeast. 


It is these experiences that differentiates Tobacco Road Custom Builders and positions us to deliver high-quality results while maintaining budgetary goals and streamlining the process through completion.


Managing Partner

Doug has worked and collaborated on several high-end residential projects in the Raleigh area and is recognized as a business leader in the industry and an individual who meets and exceeds expectations.


His ability to deliver premium designs on-budget and on-time is due to his strong network of real estate partners, architects, engineers, designers, building material suppliers, and subcontractors in the Raleigh area.


Prior to Tobacco Road Custom Builders, Doug worked as a field Engineering Assistant in the Greater Washington, DC market representing a German Manufacturer of Firestop, Chemical / Mechanical anchoring systems, and concrete coring / drilling equipment used in commercial job sites. 


He then moved into a project manager role and completed seven high-rise condominium projects on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama with projects ranging from 50-500 million in value. 

Contact Doug:

(919) 810-8114 


Managing Partner

Randy boasts more than 20 years of construction experience in the Triangle and is considered one of the most technically sound builders in the area with a strong ability to troubleshoot issues and overcome unforeseen circumstances throughout the process.  


He has worked with a variety of national builders and custom home building companies as a project manager and in the last three years has completed more than 10 homes valued over 1.5 million in the Downtown Raleigh area. 


A true resource and partner in all projects managed and completed, Randy maintains a vast network of industry professionals including engineers, building material suppliers, and top-quality sub-contractors.


Prior to Tobacco Road Custom Builders, Randy served as a Project Manager for Bovis Lend Lease on commercial projects throughout the Triangle from 1997-2004, most notably the Tobacco Warehouse Project in Downtown Durham.

Contact Randy:

(919) 478-8149

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